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Welcome to the SCIENIA wiki (English Version). SCIENIA Role-Play Community, SCN Commu in short, is the Facebook Group-based Role-Play Community in Sci-Fi and Futuristic Theme. SCIENIA's Setting is in the far future's state called Scienia where players will bring in their player characters to solve the mystery in the hellish 14-Days Loop that always has the different disasters. This Community is opened since July 8 2016 and still continues being opened for everyone to play.

Currently, this Community is in Thai Language, but there're some idea to translate the story into English language fiction. Also This Very Wikia.


Community's Documentation (Thai Language):


SCIENIA is a small 'country' locate in pacific ocean on small island far away from people, people in this city is leaving their country because tired of war and conflict. SCIENIA is established to be mainly R&D space for scientist and it is where you can use knowledge as magic.

SCIENIA control by The Core, AI that responsible for ECLSS and other minor system...

One day, the Core announcement that there is a disaster in SCIENIA and all residents should evacuated by Route 12, but when people follow that direction they found that the end of Route 12 which supposed to be escape route to outside, is heading to city hall, back to the start point.

"SYSTEM FAILURE : Reset all data in 336 hour"

This is a warning from the system but no one understands what is going on. They can only use knowledge and intelligent to stop the disaster before the clock hit T-0

The truth is few years after SCIENIA established, conflict and war spread around the world. The last world war destroy everything with annihilation weapon, include SCIENIA. There is no survivor.

Hundred years later, an interstellar civilization traveling around the galaxy and found this dead planet called Earth. They found collapsing ruin of the old SCIENIA with complete backup genetics and memory data of almost all residents.

They rebuild the city and 'revive' those people base on data they found to study how human solving "impossible to solved" problem and getting emotion energy from activity inside the close system.

They called themselves 'The Restorer' and no one in the system know their existence.

The story will start in 1 Aug and end at 14 Aug by SCIENIA time. Everything will be reset when they looping back to 1 Aug again. There is only their past memory that capable to be transferred across the loop.

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